Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I purchased this lovely, colourful dress from a thrift store today! 

Here's the issue: it's too small across the bust and back. It is fully lined and has a zipper back. I really do not want to chop it and make a skirt. I would like to somehow alter this dress to fit!

Maybe, add side panels in a solid color? I don't know?! Please help!


Joyful said...

It is a pretty dress. I would vote for adding side panels. Whatever you decide to do please show the altered version here. Happy sewing ;-)

PoldaPop said...

Side panels! I just altered a dress this way and it worked well (http://www.poldapop.com/2013/06/five-grads-one-dress-seamstress-cut.html). If you did them in black (or whatever that background color is) they probably wouldn't even be noticeable. Good luck!