Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Beautiful Weekend and Other Things

My children and I had a wonderful day! My son loves to build and that's just what he did for the duration of the day! My baby girl and I sketched and colored! (That's my silly drawing.) Her glasses have no lenses...they are her "cool artist" glasses and she wears them every time she creates! We had a blast!

Last week I made myself a robe with ultra cuddle fabric...almost like working with velvet. It was a little difficult, but it turned out great and I love it! This week I made a half-apron for myself! And, I continue to work on stilt-walker costumes...something I love to do is make costumes! Planning on Renaissance costumes for hubby and I to attend some Ren Faires!

Until next time...HAPPY SEWING! And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (today) to my baby girl! (She bought herself a pair of Converse All-Stars and she's happy!)


Joyful said...

The children are so cute...and creative. I see they must take after their mama as you did a wonderful job on your robe. Happy birthday to your girl!

Stacy Gandy said...

Thank you! ;D

Dora, the Quilter said...

I love your daughter in her "cool artist" glasses--and her converses! As for your son, that's a lot of dinosaurs!

Libby said...

Your son definitely is a builder! That could keep him occupied for days. Seriously. Love the sketch and the robe and apron. And happy birthday wishes to your daughter!