Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Stitching

I was able to work on a few projects today...while adding to my wardrobe! Yippee! I will look cute on the next few #datedays with hubby!

Both projects were easy and quick! The linen shorts took about an hour to complete. And, the 'playsuit' took under two hours.

In the midst of me sewing the jumpsuit, my machine slowed down quite a bit. An indication that I will be replacing the motor soon. Of course I have a backup while my featherweight gets a new heart!

Until next time...HAPPY SEWING!

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Dora, the Quilter said...

Significant accomplishments.
As a Featherweight owner and user, might I suggest that you take apart the foot controller and make sure it's innards are okay--often this issue is caused by an issue with the foot control, not an issue with the motor. If so, it could save you a few dollars.