Thursday, December 1, 2011

To Market, To Market show my wares!
It fell good to get my mojo back!

I love these wristlet purses!

...and key wristlets.

I didn't sell a single thing!  But, I had an awesome time talking with the people!

Now, onto creating items for the shop and completing Christmas projects!

Until next time...



Libby said...

It's good to have your mojo back, even if you didn't sell anything at the market. Hopefully next time. :-) I hurt my hand and couldn't craft (still not haven't really) and lost my mojo. Saturday I'll be vending at this local Christmas festival. Just this new something-something got my creative juices flowing. I'm hoping for the best on Saturday. :-)

Sandra Scott Textile Artist said...

It is great to make money but the rewards from making and creating are far better for the soul even if our pockets are empty.(smile)This is what I have to tell myself.