Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Junk Love..."Excuse me, I'm stuck in the 70's"

Okay, so I love that these jumpsuits have come back into fashion, as well as the wedge heel!  Usually, once you've lived through a certain 'style-period' you really do not want to repeat it.  However, I'm stuck!  Do you remember this pattern?
Well, I've decided to make this same pattern into pants!  So easy...I just extended the leg length!  And, to really make it "retro", I found this vintage fabric for $2 (ALL 8 yards of it)!

This tag (tape) was pretty old!  $6.50 was a good price also!

My jumpsuit turned out like this...

Excuse the clutter...I was so excited to show you!

With the summers so hot here in Florida, these are so comfortable and cool!  I'll be making more!

These Junk Love finds have been a stone cold blast!

Until next time, I wish you Love, Peace, and Soooouuuuuuul!


Mama Violet said...

I love the jumpsuit. Great fabric find.

The Beaded Pillow said...

Hey...the jumpsuit turned out great & you look "groovy" in it. Enjoy!

ummi3 said...

Wow great price on the fabric! I love deals and steals. Can you advise where to look for these kinds of finds?

DragonPoodle said...

great jumpsuit, perfect for the steamy summer weather!

FantasyDreamKnits said...

Very cute! Love the pant redesign. I have been stuck in the 60s and 70s as well with dresses and flared pants. I don't do jumpers well, but this is adorable on you. I also think the 80s are coming back in certain styles (yikes!). Nice job - and thanks for following my blog!