Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Finishes, New Job, and More Projects

Pretty Flowers...I'm still working on "centers" for my flowers.  I have some buttons, beads and other things to experiment!

I used scraps from a jelly roll.  Folded and ironed the strips lengthwise.  I used the ruffler attachment for my featherweight for some, for others I sewed a simple basting stitch and pulled the threads for gathering.  There is a base piece of fabric, approximately a 3" square to sew your ruffled/gathered pieces on.  I will attach a bobby pin (for the hair)on some and others will have a pin (to wear on clothing).  I like how they turned out!

Simplicity #4277.  I've had this pattern for about, ummmmmm, more than 3 years.  I finally made a top, or two, View F (circled, 2nd row, left)!

Here's a detailed look of the bodice fabric (cotton).  The solid aqua color is linen.  There are also owls on the cute!

And, here is the lilac in linen!  This is so pretty, sparkly, and girly!

I'm so happy how my summer wardrobe is turning out!

Good News!  I've returned to school and have a new job!  It's part time, which is better than "no-time".  All Praises to Him!  I'm hoping to teach sewing classes soon!

Next summer wardrobe project is from the 70's shorts jumpsuit pattern (shown here).  I will convert to pants (which is fairly easy) and use a vintage fabric find!

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend!


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