Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Finishes

1.  It began as a medallion center quilt block

...and, ended up a cute mini-bag!

In this book, Patchwork Style, they used a log cabin quilt block.  I made the medallion center quilt block for a Round Robin that did not happen.  What a perfect project to use this quilt block!

2.  Playsuit (vintage pattern)

This is one style I loved wearing back then and will wear now...rompers and jumpsuits (playsuits)!

  Some pattern alterations included making the shorts longer for me and, of course, the obvious.  It turned out well and I'm satisfied with the fit!

Have a Great Weekend and...


Myra said...

Your medallion center mini-bag turned out nice! Good use of a block you decided not to use for its purpose.. Hey I know! It happens! lol! 8-)
I used to wear those too... many moons ago! lol! 8-)

Sabina Bint Benjamin said...

That bag is too cute, had you said nothing about the medallion none would have been the wiser.

Awesome vintage pattern, I love rompers and pantsuits (They're making a comeback and yours looks nice on you). I plan to review a pantsuit pattern I'm working on for myself soon, hope you will tune in.