Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Junk Love...Containers

I am a container fanatic!  I need a container for EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING needs its own container!  Here's a few containers repurposed!

I know you all recognize the two longer containers...it's what Crystal Light packs come in.  I use them to travel to hold embroidery scissors, thread, needles, beads, etc.  The other Crystal Light container is holding my paper hexagons.  The large flat container (Rubbermaid "TakeAlongs") was purchased at my local Dollar General for $2 in the Clearance aisle.  It works for me!  There were only 2 of these; the one shown holds my items for working on my hexagons, while the other holds my items for working on my yo-yo's.  Or, these containers can store loads of fat quarters!  I plan to fill this large container with the hex's I'm making!

Junk Love, Repurposed!

Until next time....Peace and Junk Love!


Msartist said...

I love recycling and re-purpose for storage. Sometimes I have to let go to the recycle a girl can only store so much. lol xo Theresa

Heather's Haven said...

I can so relate to this one, it makes thrift store shopping even more fun! lol.