Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Junk Love...Containers

I am a container fanatic!  I need a container for EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING needs its own container!  Here's a few containers repurposed!

I know you all recognize the two longer containers...it's what Crystal Light packs come in.  I use them to travel to hold embroidery scissors, thread, needles, beads, etc.  The other Crystal Light container is holding my paper hexagons.  The large flat container (Rubbermaid "TakeAlongs") was purchased at my local Dollar General for $2 in the Clearance aisle.  It works for me!  There were only 2 of these; the one shown holds my items for working on my hexagons, while the other holds my items for working on my yo-yo's.  Or, these containers can store loads of fat quarters!  I plan to fill this large container with the hex's I'm making!

Junk Love, Repurposed!

Until next time....Peace and Junk Love!

PhD Challenge

Go over to Myra's blog to see what project I completed!  Only three more to complete my challenge!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vintage Love Wednesday...Vintage Notions Book Review

I decided that it would be "Vintage Love" Wednesday, as I am reviewing "Vintage Notions" by Amy Barickman.

Amy's book, Vintage Notions represents a culmination of a personal journey started 20 years ago when Amy began collecting rare sewing and needle arts books, vintage home arts magazines and cookbooks, as well as sewing, textiles and handiwork projects she found at antique stores and flea markets, ultimately creating one of the largest collections of its kind.  This book was also inspired by the works of Mary Brooks Picken, who founded the Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences in 1916, the largest school in history devoted solely to teaching women how to combine the domestic arts with entrepreneurism.

This book is a great inspiration to the crafty, vintage, and today's culture who is returning to a simpler lifestyle!  The book is divided into seasons, then months/holidays.  "Thimblefuls" are inspirational essays included in each month that seem befitting for that month. Amy's book provides women with imaginative and inventive ideas that show them how to use their talents and skills in the best way possible.

You all know that I recycle and refashion, and there are some great sewing projects for each month. Wonderful projects that have been added to my "Crafty-Do List":  such as, the summer purse; lampshade; and of course, the Magic Patterns (chic, easy to make sewing patterns).  I'm also looking forward to sampling the various embroidery stitches!  This would be a great time for me to 'refresh' my skills!  I also enjoyed (and, have added) the seasonal recipes to my recipe box.  In particular, the "Planning Meals Without Meat"!

This book also features four storage pockets - one for each season.  This will be great for keeping notes and all sorts of other little vintage things.

I truly enjoyed and will further enjoy this book!  I feel that Amy celebrates the value of the crafty, domestic divas and their lives!