Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Junk Love Wednesday... to knit, or to crochet? or both?

That is the question!  I like both but do so much more knitting, now.  I crocheted a lot as a kid growing up and would love to do it much more!

Well, I'm sad to announce that two of my favorite local thrift stores have closed!  They've been around FOREVER it seems... but apparently, while I was ill one of the stores had a 70% storewide sale!  How did I miss that! (sobbing)

Anyway, here's my junk love find about 6 months ago!
...not the case.  Knitting needles,
...crochet hooks,
...and, a small bag of circular needles!

I can have a 'Yarn Party'!  Invite all of my friends who knit and/or crochet!  Would you like to join me?

Peace and Junk Love

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I completed the slouch handbag and a couple of small totes for my Etsy!

I've also completed the top to my bellydance costume.  I've added beadwork!
As well as the PhD Challenge, I'm currently knitting a poncho!  If you would like to check out the updates, then click on the "PhD Challenge" button on the right-side of my blog page and you will be directed.

Well, I returned to school this week and the children return to school on Monday, January 10.  I'll have some more time to work on projects!  Until then,...