Thursday, December 1, 2011

To Market, To Market show my wares!
It fell good to get my mojo back!

I love these wristlet purses!

...and key wristlets.

I didn't sell a single thing!  But, I had an awesome time talking with the people!

Now, onto creating items for the shop and completing Christmas projects!

Until next time...


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Let's Catch-Up!

Drastic changes in my life from October 2010 to now!  But, I've kept to my creativity!

I created this Art Bra for Florida Hospital Fish Memorial's, Braz for the Cauz Auction; to raise money for uninsured women to have mammograms.

...the materials and my thoughts;

...idea in motion;

...theme = "Ice Cream Dreams", which represent hope and happiness!

And, that's what we need to hold on to, 'HOPE'!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Finally, I had some time...And, a little bit of Junk Love finish and work on projects!  This is what I've been up to!  (Yes, that is a plastic wrap closure from a package of bread holding that tail.  Mom, taught me that one!)

This cute cotton toddler's hat!

I taught a class of girls ages 7 to 17 Friendship Bracelets!  We had loads of fun!

I found this 100% linen tablecloth in a thrift store.  I normally am not a "green" girl, but for some reason, I was drawn and knew immediately what I wanted to make!

I used this pattern.
Made a great pair of shorts!

And, one of my current handiwork projects is...
this hand embroidery kit I found in the thrift store which included four white pillowcases to embroider.  Only one of the pillowcases and only the first two scalloped-edge work was done on it!  Fortunately, I found the same color of floss in my stash (with much searching and comparing)....SCORE!

Thank you for visiting!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Junk Love..."Excuse me, I'm stuck in the 70's"

Okay, so I love that these jumpsuits have come back into fashion, as well as the wedge heel!  Usually, once you've lived through a certain 'style-period' you really do not want to repeat it.  However, I'm stuck!  Do you remember this pattern?
Well, I've decided to make this same pattern into pants!  So easy...I just extended the leg length!  And, to really make it "retro", I found this vintage fabric for $2 (ALL 8 yards of it)!

This tag (tape) was pretty old!  $6.50 was a good price also!

My jumpsuit turned out like this...

Excuse the clutter...I was so excited to show you!

With the summers so hot here in Florida, these are so comfortable and cool!  I'll be making more!

These Junk Love finds have been a stone cold blast!

Until next time, I wish you Love, Peace, and Soooouuuuuuul!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Finishes, New Job, and More Projects

Pretty Flowers...I'm still working on "centers" for my flowers.  I have some buttons, beads and other things to experiment!

I used scraps from a jelly roll.  Folded and ironed the strips lengthwise.  I used the ruffler attachment for my featherweight for some, for others I sewed a simple basting stitch and pulled the threads for gathering.  There is a base piece of fabric, approximately a 3" square to sew your ruffled/gathered pieces on.  I will attach a bobby pin (for the hair)on some and others will have a pin (to wear on clothing).  I like how they turned out!

Simplicity #4277.  I've had this pattern for about, ummmmmm, more than 3 years.  I finally made a top, or two, View F (circled, 2nd row, left)!

Here's a detailed look of the bodice fabric (cotton).  The solid aqua color is linen.  There are also owls on the cute!

And, here is the lilac in linen!  This is so pretty, sparkly, and girly!

I'm so happy how my summer wardrobe is turning out!

Good News!  I've returned to school and have a new job!  It's part time, which is better than "no-time".  All Praises to Him!  I'm hoping to teach sewing classes soon!

Next summer wardrobe project is from the 70's shorts jumpsuit pattern (shown here).  I will convert to pants (which is fairly easy) and use a vintage fabric find!

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Finishes (A Skirt and Top)

Another outfit for ME!

I picked this pattern, view 'F'.  It's my standard spring/summer top because it fits me nicely!  And, I purchased this orange knit fabric for my top...

I really like this skirt pattern, view 'C, also.  The fabric is a thrift find...a cotton drape/curtain that I featured in "Junk Love"!

I love the combination!

Enjoy the weekend!  HAPPY SEWING!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Finishes

1.  It began as a medallion center quilt block

...and, ended up a cute mini-bag!

In this book, Patchwork Style, they used a log cabin quilt block.  I made the medallion center quilt block for a Round Robin that did not happen.  What a perfect project to use this quilt block!

2.  Playsuit (vintage pattern)

This is one style I loved wearing back then and will wear now...rompers and jumpsuits (playsuits)!

  Some pattern alterations included making the shorts longer for me and, of course, the obvious.  It turned out well and I'm satisfied with the fit!

Have a Great Weekend and...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Junk Love...Beads, Fabrics, and MORE Patterns!

Happy Hump Day!

I'm so glad to report that I found a new and exciting thrift store...and, worth the drive!  Here's some goodies I found!

...bag full of vintage patterns for $1.90.  When I have a chance to clean out my storage, I think I might have some giveaways!

...with a few modern ones.

I also found some vintage fabric!  Well, the first pic is an actual fabric cut.  It's a thin polyester and would be perfect for a maxi dress!  The floral is a lightweight cotton drape.  I see a cute skirt that will match an orange knit top I'm working on!

Next, here's a blast from my past thrifting!

I got this cute bead carrier, bin, thingy last year for about $4 and, here is what I made with some of the larger beads...

stitch markers for my knitting projects.

Until next time...
Peace and Junk Love!