Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tees to Pants and Kimono Tops

I've been so busy with school, but managed to finish some sewing for my baby girl.

The tees-to-pants tutorial is from Cut Out + Keep.  So, simple!  I use an XL womens tee for my 7 year-old daughter who wears a size 8-10 girls.  I use an XL mens tee for myself.  I'm not telling you my size! (smile)

 Cut the sleeves, then cut straight just under the neck area.
 Cut straight up the middle (for legs).
Open both pieces.  Where the sleeves were cut is now the crotch.
With right sides together, sew the crotch (twice, for sturdiness); then sew leg side seams.

 Now, sew a waistband.  You can use the sleeves.  Insert a drawstring or elastic.

I also made kimono tops.  I made a pattern from an existing one.  Some have ties for closure; buttons with buttonhole closures; and buttons with elastic hairties for closure.  The latter is the quicker method (which I use a lot).

This kimono was made using two different printed fabrics.  Here's the front!

And, the back!

She loves her kimonos!  She always wants me to make more for her!

Until next time, HAPPY SEWING!


Cheryl said...

Very clever! I will have to mark that one as a favorite. I will be making scrub clothes for my baby soon and this may be the answer. Thanks!

June said...

Those pants from a T-shirt are the neatest thing I have seen in a long time. Very clever!! Thanks for sharing! (Love the kimonos, too.) The children are so precious!