Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mom's Visit...Knitting and Junk Love!

My mom came for a short visit just this past week.  As always, I'm so happy to see her!

Well, previous to her arrival, I sent her an email of this beautiful cowl to knit.  Mom's much more advanced than I, and I'm not that confident in achieving patterns (i.e., zigzags, etc.) within the work.  She replied, "Would you like to knit this cowl together?  We can when I arrive."  I accepted, she ordered the mini mochi yarn suggested, and it arrived a few days before her leaving Chicago.  Mom and I had a mini knit-along which was fun and I learned lots!  Mom wanted to be ahead of me in knitting after she returned to home, so that she could answer any questions I might have about the instructions.  Well, I've been knitting away on this project and I think I will be able to post a pic of my completed project first!

There is a knit-along that started in mid-October of this same project on Ravelry.

And, of course, we went thrifting!

We hit the local library's thrift bookstore!  We had to, since I was voting there that particular day!

This was an excellent find for 2 bucks!  Box of patterns for recreating 176 early American designs in embroidery, crewel work, patchwork, applique, hooking, knitting, etc., etc., even rugmaking!

And, Fons & Porter.  I love their work and their show on PBS.  This book is new (gotta be), there's not even a crease from turning pages!  $1.

So, that started our thrifting day!  "We'll knit later, after dinner and kids showers!"  Next, we hit my fave used bookstore I talk about all the time!  Mom got LOADS of knitting pattern books and magazines!

I found some things like, this old Vogue knitting mag with this beautiful medallion shrug I plan to knit!  A book on silk ribbon embroidery, several other knitting and crochet patterns, and a craft book for kids on how to make things from cereal boxes.  FUN!

Now, let's grab a cup of coffee on our way to another local thrift store!  "Hungy, Mom?"  "No, you?"  "No!"

Mom found a cute reversible quilted jacket (I spotted it, as soon as we walked in...I don't think I was the only one, but I got to it first).  I believe it was handmade and the fabric is silk or similar.  The pic does not do justice for how beautiful it is!

We had a blast!

When she leaves, I never let her see me cry (although, I know my face shows the sadness).  I just cry in the car on my way back home!  I miss you Mom, even as soon as I drop you off at the airport!

Peace and Junk Love!


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great visit with your mom. Thanks for sharing the experience. It's always fun for the parents to get to visit their children too.

Libby said...

Oh it sounds like you had a wonderful time with your Mom. It's good to be able to share your love of crafting and thrifting. That mother-daughter knit along sounds like such a cool thing to do. :-)

Deborah said...

That yarn is so beautiful! Great job on the cowl.

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I have that same needlework book. It's awesome! Your mom lives in Chicago? That's where I am, too. We've had wonderful weather this week. Have a wonderful visit with your mom! And happy knitting! :)

monica said...

what a great time you had with your mama...and i love that hat you made below...