Monday, November 22, 2010

'Learn to Do Applique in Just One Weekend' Blog Hop

I am so honored to participate in this blog hop and my guest this week, Nancy Brenan Daniel.  Nancy teaches, judge, designs, and writes books and articles on quiltmaking.

After reading and looking over an updated version of "Learn to Do Applique in Just One Weekend", I was intrigued by a quilt project, Tropical Oasis.

Beautiful, right?!

Stacy:  What skill level is the project for?

Nancy:  Good question.  I would say an advanced-beginner.  The small blocks are pieced on the diagonal... but the machine applique should be easy for anyone with a common zig-zag machine.

Stacy:  What is the design inspiration?

Nancy:  Nature is usually the inspiration for many of my designs.  I've been working with these colors in a patchwork project and I've been working with leaf 'contours'... so it just seemed like a natural progression.  Love those acid-like colors together.

Stacy:  What was the inspiration to come up with projects to do in a weekend?

Nancy:  Everyone is overextended, time-wise, these days.  I think people who are just learning new techniques need to see results pretty quickly to keep interested.  Once a person falls in love (or serious like ;-)) with a technique they are usually able to invest more time.  Beginners need to see RESULTS!

Stacy:  As a beginner quilter (2 years), I agree.

Stacy:  How did you come up with the colors for the projects?  What inspired you?

Nancy:  I work with color, teach about color, read about and study color ALL the time.  These particular colors just seemed to be 'timely' for our lives right now.

Stacy:  They are perfect!  Thank you Nancy, for your time, I had a blast chatting with you!

Please click HERE to purchase a copy of Nancy's updated version of "Learn to Do Applique in Just One Weekend".  You will love her designs and easy instructions!

This week hop on over to some of my other blogging friends that Nancy will be visiting:  Jessica; Judi; and Joanna!



Connie said...

Great interview, it looks like a great book to have!

Stacy (S.E.W.Butterfly) said...

Thank you! It is a great book - check it out!

corinne said...

I am a advanced beginner, so I need to check this book out

Anonymous said...

I love applique and will have to check on this book. You are doing good with the virtual tour thing. Good job girl. Also wanted to let you know that I hosted another author on my tour. The book has NOTHING to do with sewing, quilting, or crafting. It's not even an inspirational book. It's a novel and the story is about an event I think most parents have concerns. The abduction of their children by another family member. It's a well written book and I hope some of your readers who also read fiction will check it out. Thanks. ~Nita

The Belly Dancer said...

Do you quilt also? I want to learn sooo bad! Love homemade quilts!