Monday, September 13, 2010

Girls Saturday Road Trip!

I needed this trip!  Three of my sewing gal pals and myself took a 2-hour trip to Trenton, Florida to visit Suwannee Quilt Shop, Antique Gallery, Rose Cafe, Stained Glass Studio, Lynn's Country Cross Stitch Shop, and Frame Shop!  We also met-up with a new sewing friend that lived nearby!

The quilt shop and cafe which is housed together was once the Coca Cola Bottling plant in the 1920s.  The library has a tin ceiling and loads of books to purchase.  Christmas is all year 'round in the Christmas and Gift Room.

Is this not the most colorful and happy applique quilt?!

(Hi Wendy and Willa!)

I was truly amazed by this quilt and it's story!  Sorry, it was hard to get a full picture of this quilt.  It hung in a narrow hallway.

Did you read this?  Her first attempt at hand quilting...WOW!  The employees of the quilt shop said that she had lost her husband and the hand quilting was therapy for her!

After shopping and sightseeing in the quilt shop, we sat for lunch in the cafe.  The food was delish and the conversations among the other ladies (customers and employees) was great!  It was a very quaint and friendly restaurant!

We then, went to another building which housed the Cross Stitch Shop, Stained Glass Works, and the Custom Frame Shop!

The 'Home Arts' pattern books were dated 1936.

We had a blast!

Our 2+ hour trip home became a 3+ hour trip thanks to a University of Florida, Gators football game!

Thank you ladies for the great trip and great company!


Hello! I'm Kate. said...

My mom LOVES quilts! My dad always surprises her with a new one made by a friend every few years and they are beautiful!

Looks like y'all had a great time on your trip!

I'm stopping by from Twitter!

Dolly said...

Great photos from the shop.....yes, I love the wow factor of that flower applique.

When I saw the shot labeled "first hand-quilting", on Flickr, I thought you meant YOURS !

That is beautiful, though, isn't it ? What a challenge to take on, but she kicked it !

Thanks for your sweet comment on my machine-quilting ! After having been in the middle of it for hours, it seems so funny for people to think it's awesome ! We have to learn to stand back and look at our work with more objective eyes !