Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WooHoo Wednesday! Junk Love

I will have to say that this has been a crazy week!  I've decided to go back to school, after twenty-something years.  I am so excited and nervous ALL at once!  The children go back on August 16, so I'm prepping for their return, as well!

Everyone knows when my hubby returns from working out of state, we have a garage sale, thrift store 2-day extravaganza!  It was cancelled to help a friend!  However, we just went 'looking' on the day he was to leave.  It was meant for us to 'look' on this particular day!

We got a deal...4 walnut vintage chairs for our dining room for $20!  That was hubby's find!

Housecoat for $1.  This pic does not do it justice.  The colors are so vibrant and the flowers are 'poufy' and raised.  I'm thinking...refashion!  Not sure what, yet!

Pair of pants (still with original tags) for $1!  I love this print!  This will be a recycle project...a 'Pinwheel' or 'Broken Dishes' baby quilt!

This Christening gown for $1.50!  Some stains, but love the embroidery work!  Not sure what recycle project this will become.

a closer look of the detailed work!

Now, one of the best things I found rolled-up in-between boxes...only $5!

This vintage full size bed quilt!  All hand sewn!

I took very special care in cleaning this beautiful quilt by an unknown quilter.  Now, it is on my bed!

I also found several vintage sewing machines!  Did not purchase...yet!  Our friend and neighbor who owns one of the local thrift store, just so happened to be making room for new inventory and that's how we all got excellent prices for our finds!  You know I'll keep checking on the sewing machines, periodically!

Until next time,
Peace and Junk Love!


Char said...

Congratulations on going back to school.
Wow what luck finding that quilt, it's beautiful!

VeganCraftastic said...

Those chairs are awesome, what a great find! And yay for going back to school!

Stephanie and Carlos said...

Nice work on the chairs!! I tagged you in a meme...

xo Steph