Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Junk Love and WIPs


Not much going on in my fav thrift stores lately, but a lot of sewing going on!  And, I guess what I found this week was my sign to 'Get Busy'!

I love retro sewing patterns!  Last year, I posted that my husband bought home 2 large garbage bags full of vintage sewing patterns, that are now sorted and stored in vintage suitcases throughout my home.  The oldest pattern I have is from the 1930s!

Sew, with that in mind, I took advantage of the overnight quietness in my home to work on WIPs!

The first, is my table topper.  I finally found a backing I wanted to use...denim.  This would be great to use outdoor, as well! I've pin-basted and am machine quilting; then will add the binding...

These next two projects are ongoing!  They both come from two great blogs that I follow!  The first, is a Teeny Tiny Nine Patch Challenge from Julia at GreenQuilts!  Great Stash buster project!  This challenge uses 3" squares of fabric!  I plan to make 100.  I've got about 48 more to go!  Here's the latest addition...

Aren't they pretty?!  I love color!

The next, is a project from Karen at Selvage Blog...Asterick Quilt!  This is so much fun!  I need to make 50 of these's what I have so far!

I've only got about 30 more to go!

And, what started my week off on the "Good Foot", was this...

Wheeler & Wilson No. 9!  Can't wait to get her into a cabinet with irons and sew, sew, sew!  I belong to a wonderful  family in Treadleonia!  Where we talk, share, advise, swap, sell and gather about people-powered machines (i.e., treadles, hand cranks).  She came from a home in Tennessee to me!

This is only the middle of the week and it's been 'full and joyous', thus far!  I hope you all have a wonderful week and a better weekend!

Peace, Junk Love, and HAPPY SEWING!


VeganCraftastic said...

What a beautiful sewing machine!

Sonia said...

I am lusting for that sewing machine! And your quilts are beautiful!

I was given some vintage patterns from the 60's a couple years ago by a lady from church. Lots of children's things in there. I love looking at them, but haven't attempted to use them yet. You've inspired me.

Rosa Phoenix said...

fantastic work! can't wait to see the finished quilts :)