Thursday, May 20, 2010

Everything At Once!


It's been a month since my last post!

Life...hmmmm!  Mom came for a visit about 3 weeks ago.  Always love when my Mom and Dad visit and this visit was much needed!  No matter how old we (I) get, there always comes a time when we (I) need mom!  Getting grandson in daycare and he (and his mom) being comfortable with daycare; helping daughter prepare for a move in a couple of weeks.  Teenage daughter DRAMA; and, hubby working out of town; us missing each other and me being HERE with it ALL!  WHEW!  I needed some down time! I kept up with my sewing, knitting, and quilting to keep my sanity, but had not 'journaled' (i.e., blogged)!

Last week I visited one of my favorite thrift store's new space, which is closer to my home....uh-oh!  My Junk Love find was fabric.  Take a look!


I like to share my son, Charlie's Junk Love find!  Charlie loves anything about space, planets, and the solar system!  He found some cool vintage books at school that he can keep!

I remember Wonder Books when I was a kid!  This book is dated 1971.

And, this book is by Scholastic Books, 1975.

Now, for my quilting 'blooper'!  I desperately wanted to do a hexagon quilt.  However, it called for Equilateral Triangle Ruler to make the 60 degree, 4.5" triangles.  I do not own one of these, but I know how to measure!...or, so I thought!  I cut 'crooked' triangles from 24 pairs of 2.5" strips sewn together!  Don't know exactly, how many that is...but, it's A LOT!

Started sewing the triangles together to make half-hexagons per row, and the rows are crooked!  Now, I have a quilt bag full of 'crooked' triangles and not sure what I'll do with them.  However, I WILL purchase the triangle rulers to 'properly' cut and finally make my hexagon quilt!

In the meantime, I've cut some fabric to make a four-patch quilt and a split-rail fence block quilt!
 Thanks for visiting, letting me share and having me back!

HAPPY SEWING!  Peace, and Junk Love!


Sewicked said...

When you sew them together (basting), what shape do they make?

Msartist said...

Hopefully everything will be settling a bit~ but always good to visit. I love the vintage fabric you found. And the batik fabrics you are using are neat. I remember dying fabric when I was younger.
I will be dealing with hubby working out of town starting next week. We'll see how much I get done! lol.
All my best, Theresa


Oh my!! what a find. Ilove finding fabric at the thrift store. I gotten into looking at other things in the store (as fabric)--like curtains, tableclothes and tea towels. I've gotten somereally great linen this way. Can't wait to see what you create.

Jen said...

No, just use the 60 degree line on one of your other rulers. You don't have to have a special ruler!!

Lillipilli Lane said...

Gee what a month : ) Glad you have your mom to visit - they are always our mom's hey - mins still comes to visit at 82 and I still need my mom. *love* those fabric finds- yum! U R going to have a joy with those! All the best with 'it all'