Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Junk Love Wednesdays

Singer 66-6 (Front), originally uploaded by SEWButterfly.

Hello All!

This is kind of a part 2 of last week's 'Junk Love'. I had eye doctor and dentist appointments within the last two days and am still recuperating. I was on my way to pick up this sewing machine on last Wednesday evening.

It is a Singer 66 and it's birthday is 1931. The motor is no good, so here's another project for me; that I would gladly take on! I will convert this one to a treadle; which means I will have to find an iron base. I love the 'hunt'!

The cabinet it came in, is beautiful and will be used to house an electric New Home or Morse sewing machine. I haven't decided yet.

Also, I just received the hand crank conversion kit in the mail today! So, stay tuned!

Thanks for visiting!

Peace and Junk Love!


Deborah said...

Beautiful machine! Congratulations!

Lillipilli Lane said...

Wow, what a woman! Best wishes with all that and what a worthy project. *Love* that machine, I learnt on some of those old beauties...