Monday, March 29, 2010

A Hand Crank Conversion for Alyssa

I promised I would post pics of a sewing machine conversion from motorized to hand crank for my 7 year-old daughter, Alyssa.  Alyssa LOVES to sew on a hand crank and I promised she could have her own!

I featured this sewing machine that was destined for 'removal' and became my junk find; February 16, 2010, "I'm A Junk Gypsy".

I ordered the parts to convert this machine from Stitches in Time; and I completed the conversion today!

I just need to purchase a lid for her machine.  The base was another junk find of mine!

Alyssa is one happy girl!  I gotta get a project this weekend for us both to do on our 'own' hand cranks!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another man's trash...another's treasure! Junk Love Wednesday

I don't know if I can really call this Junk, however, I did find 4 of these in a local thrift store for less than $5 each - complete!  I mailed two to my sister and niece; and, kept 2 for my daughters and myself!

I tried it this past week...and, I'm hooked (pun, intended)!  I made a cowl neckwarmer, that even I can wear here in Florida.  During the summers, the air conditioning can be brutal in most places!  And, I'm at that age where I'm getting more aches. ;D

I found some really cool YouTube video tutorials for using these type and other looms!  I plan to make hats for babies...

...aren't these yarns yummy?  Another find in the thrift store!

I also, plan to make more cowl neckwarmers, hats for everyone, bath sponges...and, socks!

Nothing takes away from hand knitting...the looms are a different knitting experience (as the package says).

Have fun...
Peace and Junk Love!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Junk Love Wednesdays

Singer 66-6 (Front), originally uploaded by SEWButterfly.

Hello All!

This is kind of a part 2 of last week's 'Junk Love'. I had eye doctor and dentist appointments within the last two days and am still recuperating. I was on my way to pick up this sewing machine on last Wednesday evening.

It is a Singer 66 and it's birthday is 1931. The motor is no good, so here's another project for me; that I would gladly take on! I will convert this one to a treadle; which means I will have to find an iron base. I love the 'hunt'!

The cabinet it came in, is beautiful and will be used to house an electric New Home or Morse sewing machine. I haven't decided yet.

Also, I just received the hand crank conversion kit in the mail today! So, stay tuned!

Thanks for visiting!

Peace and Junk Love!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Junk Love Wednesday

I visit my local thrift stores at least twice a week.  Lately, I hadn't found anything that has 'caught' me!  So, this week I would like to share an 'Oldie, but Goodie' Junk Love find...

...this weaving loom!

I finished weaving the project that was 'attached' when I purchased the loom.  I've been checking out a weaving project thumbing through my Threads magazine.  It is featured in March 2010 issue in 'Embellishments' by Shirley Adams; the article is called Abstract Weaving.  It's actually for pin weaving to create intricate fabric.

All accessories included!  Reminds me of my camping days of my childhood.  All of the wonderful crafts we created!

Hopefully, this week there will be something that 'catches' me!  Oh, I am purchasing a vintage sewing machine this evening that I found on Craigslist.

And, a short update on the sewing machine that was given to me while visiting a friend the day after her cleaning.  The parts to convert this machine to a hand crank have been ordered and I am now awaiting for their arrival (possibly, next week).

Until next time...Peace and Junk Love!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Junk Lovin Wednesday and Happy March!

I'm sorry for being so late with my post today.  I had lots to do, today!  So, what else is new?! (sarcasm)

Another one of my collections (besides vintage sewing machines) is Mary Engelbreit prints and items.  Her things are so colorful and happy!  So, when I saw this item in one of my local thrift stores for $5...

...need I say more!

I use this ceramic piece as storage for my special ribbons I use in crafting/sewing!  It's such a 'happy' piece!

Happy March!  St. Patrick's Day; the start of crafting Spring and Easter; and most importantly, my wedding anniversary!

Until next time...Peace and Junk Love!