Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This Morning

This is me AFTER the children have left on the school buses and hubby flies out of the door on his way to work!  This is me BEFORE the household chores, errands, sewing, knitting, crafting or whatever my day holds.

This morning I looked through the drawers of a treadle cabinet to find 'treasures'!  Here are some things I found...

yarn darners,

vintage tin, "Three States Mixture" tobacco company which is holding vintage buttons.

Have a Great Day!  I will!


Grazia said...

Hi Stacy,
me too, I love your blog and all your vintage items...your minnesota sewing machine it's a real jewel!!!
Thank you very much for your visit...
Grazia (Rome, Italy)

Nadders23 said...

Stacy! You have amazing finds on here! How awesome! :-)