Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

As everyone knows, I am expecting my first grandchild!  Now due, any day!  So, when I found out about my daughter's pregnancy, I knew that I wanted my friend to create a blanket for my new grandbaby!  Near completion of the blanket, Charlie, left me a wonderful message letting me know the blanket is a gift from her to the new baby!  **SURPRISE**  We received the blanket this past Friday and it is beautiful...I feel honored!  My friend, Charlie has an awesome etsy shop, "ImSewCrafty" with cute crochet and other crafty items!  Stop by and browse Charlie's, you'll find cute Christmas gifts and/or stocking stuffers!

Beautiful...I love the colors!

My next surprise is that I won a giveaway!  WoooHoooo!  I had NEVER won any giveaways!  Boy, I was totally surprised!  Oz Material Girls carry quilt fabrics, supplies and patterns.  I stop by their site frequently and drool!  Anyway, they were contacting me to let me know I had won either fabrics or a pattern from the site.  Of course, I picked fabrics!  Aren't they pretty?

Thank you, Oz Material Girls for the opportunity to enter the giveaway and for my beautiful fabrics!

I really enjoyed reading a beautiful email and blog post from a fellow blogger, WannaSew.  She is thankful for her sewing friends' help, advice and support!  Please click here and read the post.  I am thankful to you, JC for your inspiration and beautiful spirit!

And, last, but not the least, I am thankful to my followers for coming to visit and read my blog and for your comments!  Thank you for your support!

Not just for today on Thanksgiving, but EVERYDAY I am thankful!


Rosa Phoenix said...

Happy Thanksgiving SEW Butterfly! I love the ocean colors of the baby blanket. And the fabrics you won are gorgeous! Keeping busy!

JC said...

A beautiful blanket for your soon coming grandchild! And congratulations on winning a give a way. :-) Last but not least, thank you for sharing such kind words. I ran short on time this month with the blouse (starting it), but looking to do some sewing this weekend. :-) God bless you and I hope you had a good day.

Adrienne said...

The blanket is BEAUTIFUL!

schererart said...

Best wishes on being a new grandma. The blanket is beautiful!