Friday, September 4, 2009

A Quilt Story

I am a virgin quilter! I've always wanted to learn to quilt and about a year ago, I borrowed "Kids Start Quilting" from the library to learn the basics. I was able to complete a piece quilt and it came out great!

Last week at my sewing group meet-up, my friend Peggy taught me to free-motion quilt! I was so excited and I worked on my practice piece the rest of that weekend! Now, quilting is becoming one of my sewing addictions!

I worked for Goodwill about 2 years ago, and in that time I met some interesting and crafty people (customers). On their regular visits, we would share all sorts of craft and sewing ideas and projects. An elderly lady who regularly visited wanted to give me her hand-sewn blocks for a quilt. We met each other for lunch and I accepted her offer.

I'm sure the fabrics used were 1960s and 70s. Colorful and bright, and a lot of polyester!

I sewed the blocks together, in the order she had them laid in the basket and then sewed the rows together. 9 blocks per row, 8 rows. Now, all there's left for me to do is batting, backing and knotting.

I am happy I learned the basics of quilting in order to finish this quilt in her honor!



Catwalk Creative said...

Are you sure you're a virgin quilter? These look very expertly made! Well done you crafty thing you! xx

Heather said...

For a virgin quilter, you did an amazing job. What a special relationship to have developed, and a great way to honor another quilter. Thanks for sharing

Stacy (S.E.W.Butterfly) said...

Thank you, ladies!