Monday, August 24, 2009

New School Year...New Beginnings

First Day of School! Everyone was so excited this morning! As you can see, Alyssa is losing another tooth. I'd wish it come out, already! It's (the tooth) literally hanging by one thread. She was excited to wear her "Peasantly Cute" top and they both were sporting the denim pants I made!

However, my 16-year old wore a "Guns & Roses" tee, with pin-striped fitted bermuda shorts. She's my skater-girl!

Everyone was up early and ready to go! I know that the novelty will wear off within a couple of weeks. And, I will have to go through 'other' routines to get everyone up and out in time for their buses. But, I will enjoy this enthusiasm now!

This new school year has given me back time to sew for my shops. I've been sewing potholders all day today! If you like, you can find them on my Etsy shop.

Until next time...HAPPY SEWING!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Busy Butterfly

I've been a busy butterfly!

This vintage suitcase has been my 'not so easy fix'. The fabric inside is beautiful and in good condition. It just needed to be cleaned. The leather is water-damaged and I've been scraping the leather off for about two weeks, now. I plan to paint pretty pictures and/or decoupage. Maybe, both!

My next work-in-progress, knitting fingerless mittens with a matching hat. The yarn is from my stash and it's multi-color blue with some periwinkle. For the hat, I will use Lion Brand's Fisherman's Warmup Hat. The same pattern I used for my husband's hat. I think this set will look really cute! (Sorry, for photos. I'm a little tired).

And, some of my back-2-school sewing. A pair each of khaki pants for Charlie and Alyssa; apron smocks for Alyssa and a peasant top. I'm currently sewing jeans for them both. Alyssa's jeans will have ruffles on the bottom legs using leftover fabric from her peasant top. Too cute! (I'll post pics when I'm completed)!

This next project was from a tutorial from one of my favorite sites, Made. This dress was sewn using a mens dress shirt. It was so easy to sew and quick! I sewed two dresses in about an hour and a half. The other dress, I used a mens blue/white striped dress shirt.

Now, that most of these projects are near completion (except, my suitcase); I will start sewing my apron orders...and, still scraping leather.

Until next time....HAPPY SEWING!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First Quilt and First-Time Sewing

This talented 10-year old young lady is my niece. And, this was her very first-time learning to sew. Oh, I would have loved to be the one who taught her...but, it would've been hard to do long distance. My mom taught her to knit and just like her aunt (me), she picked-up that skill quickly! She's a crafty kid.

(and, she's wearing one of the headbands I made for her)

My sister enrolled her in a sewing course and her first project was a quilt. Well, my niece completed the quilt (and, the course) in just, one week!


Needless to say, she did a very good job and I am so very proud! I wish I was nearby to take her fabric/craft shopping; hanging out in thrift stores to find things to re-fashion and recycle. I keep in my heart, that we will be able to work on projects together soon!

This blog post is dedicated to my niece, Chelsea. Good job, and...I love you!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


A special thanks to my husband and family who believe in my dreams;

thanks to my followers of my blog and my supporters in the creative community;

and, an appreciative thanks to Studio618 for featuring one of my items. Please visit or just by clicking on the above highlighted name and check out the Friday Finds.

I am grateful and thankful for the love!