Friday, July 31, 2009

Peasantly Cute!

I made this peasant top for my baby daughter, Alyssa, as part of her back-to-school wardrobe. Peasant tops are really easy to make. Mine is a variation of the Prairie Blouse from Seams to Me a book by Anna Maria Horner. There is also an easy tutorial on one of my favorite blogs, Blueprints.

I purchased the fabric a couple of months ago from Sew It Up. The pink fabric was a coordinating/complimentary extra!

I used less than 1/2 yard of each fabric to make. This top fits girl size 7.

I plan to make several of these tops for Alyssa this school season. I have loads of dark denim and will make some cute elastic waist pants to complete this outfit.

Until next time....HAPPY SEWING!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fishermen's Warm Up Hat...Finished!

I finally finished knitting his cap and it came out quite well! He really likes the ear flaps! It goes well with his twisted beard! Arghhhh!

Thanks for visiting! HAPPY KNITTING!

Still Knitting...

Hello friends!

I'm starting to get my creative 'mojo' back! I've been drawing patterns and cutting out patterns. I've started working on some hand embroidery; taking your suggestions to make pillows and maybe baby bedding items from the wonderful vintage linen finds. I'm planning on some quilting projects, also...and I'm still knitting!

My current knitting project: Fishermen's Warm Up Hat. Lion Brand Free Knitting Pattern.

I'm knitting this hat for my husband, he really likes it! As you see, he's chosen colors chocolate and off-white. A really nice pattern and pretty easy! Maybe, I'll knit more of these in children sizes, also.

I'll continue to knit more dish and wash cloths in between my sewing and other projects!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

aprons for school

I've begun my back-to-school projects. I have a list of some quick sewing projects and one of them is a cute apron smock. I took my 6-year old daughter, Alyssa to the fabric store to pick out three fabrics. And, these are her picks.

I was able to complete all four this weekend. The fourth fabric (pink) was in my stash.

Alyssa likes them and Mommi likes that they will protect her shirts and the aprons will look cute with her outfits! Now, on to the next project.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

looking for suggestions

I love garage sales! Who doesn't, huh?

I picked up these beautiful vintage cotton tea towels and an embroidered napkins and placemat set.

My first thought was to make aprons from the tea towels. But, I would like other ideas. What about the embroidered pieces...I have four cloth napkins and four cloth placemats?

I need your help...what should I create using these beautiful pieces?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

knitting washcloths and dishcloths

As previously posted, I've been staying up late nites working on quick knitting projects. And, knitting washcloths and dishcloths have given me instant gratification! Here is a 3-piece washcloth set I finished.

One washcloth is half-solid and half-striped; one is half-solid, two-color; and one solid color. I love the vibrant red and yellow colors. That'll wake someone up!

I started on this dishcloth...late last nite, after I completed the last washcloth of the set shown above. I wanted to use more of a 'earth tone feel' for the colors. Let me explain to you where/how I got my inspiration. My husband and I were up pretty early this past Friday morn. We made a cuppa and drove to the nearby woods and lake to sit, look and talk. The yellow represents the sun; the soft green (sorry, doesn't show-up well here...looks more like dusty blue) represents some plant life; and, the caramel represents some dried bamboo in the woods.

Since they've scrubbed the shuttle launch this eve, I'll keep working on it until it's complete. And, who knows, I'll probably start another late into the night. I'm sure!

Until next time...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Late Nites...

I have two young children (6 and 8), my teenager (16), and my oldest (23)...and my love, my husband! I have a busy home during the day and evenings! I can work somewhat during the day, but I thrive when everyone's asleep and not pulling me in 10,000 directions.

So, I've been staying up late nights and knitting washcloths for my family.

I needed to take a break from sewing...but, I still need to create! And, it's so quiet and peaceful!

I pulled out every color of 100% cotton fibers and started knitting. I believe I was able to give everyone their own favorite color!

I like the periwinkle and yellow; my husband wants solid dusty blue; my son likes the two tone dusty blue/sea green; my oldest daughter picked solid sea green; and the two youngest girls like pink; so, pink and burgundy for the baby girl and solid pink for the teenager.

Everyone loves the feel of the washcloths!

I will be making more for Christmas and upcoming birthdays for friends and family.

I guess I'll go to sleep now, it's after 3 a.m. Have to go grocery shopping in the morning...or, later this morning!

Have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July Weekend!