Friday, May 1, 2009

Vintage Summer Fabric/Pattern Pick

Hi all!

As anyone knows me, knows I love vintage! My favorite show to watch on Fridays is Ghost Whisperer. Jennifer Love-Hewitt's character 'Melinda Gordon', I think is my alter-ego.

About 10 years ago, while living in Chicago, I told my husband I would love to buy an old Fire Station, or I would settle on a storefront with an apartment on second floor in the Wicker Park Area. I would have my shop/studio on street level and we would live above. If anyone knows Wicker Park, knows that it would have been a perfect place. It's a neighborhood where all creative-minded people live and there are many tremendous boutiques, shops, galleries, and eating joints.

Anyway, "Melinda's" wardrobe is to die for! The wardrobe choices they pick for her character can fit almost any size woman. I believe that 95%, if not all, of her clothing on the show is vintage and/or vintage inspired. It's definite, I get inspired almost every Friday night!

I purchased the above pattern (Simplicity #3340, circa 1960s) for .25 cents. I really like the polka-dot dress in the middle; the fitted bodice and full skirt. I will sew the dress using the green fabric and will use the pink mesh-like fabric to make a big beautiful fabric rose to pin on the front of the dress.

My color choice was inspired by a photo I took while sitting at the pool with my family. The trees' leaves are that particular color green. The hot pink represent the flowers that bloomed on the tree. The two colors looked lovely together!

Can't wait to get started...But, not before I watch Ghost Whisperer!

Happy Sewing!


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