Saturday, May 9, 2009

Vintage Summer Fabric/Pattern Pick (Part II)

Well, being a busy wife and mom I was not able to start this task until Wednesday. All of this past week was Teacher Appreciation Week and the children presented different gifts to the teachers each day of the week. It was fun!

Looking back on my last blog, I posted a pic of the pattern I would use for this project (Simplicity #3340). The pattern is Junior size 11 and bust 31.5 inches. I am neither a Junior size and my bust size is beyond 31 inches.

First, I made pattern drawings (including darts) of the front and back pieces on "Like Me" body form.

I then draped muslin on the body form to transfer the marking of the pattern pieces.

I cut from the muslin both front and back pieces. Then sewed (baste-stitched) darts and the muslin pieces together to fit the bodice. I tried it on to see how it would fit on me.

And, it fit beautifully! I then pulled all of the baste stitching out and made a few minor adjustments to the muslin pieces to fit. I have cut out on the green fabric and completed the bodice.

Stay tuned for the skirt pieces...


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