Saturday, May 9, 2009

Art With Personality Plus!

On Friday morn, UPS delivered a package to my home. He said, it was from my hometown. "Hmmm...who's this from? Maybe my in-laws sent a mother's day gift? Or, maybe my husband ordered something I hinted?" Well, I couldn't open it straight away...I had errands to run. I placed the package on my cutting table and out the door in a flash I went.

After a couple of hours I return home 'pooped' from running around (what seemed like all over the town) and from the heat (85 degrees or close by 11 a.m. and air conditioning went out in SUV). I don't know why, but I'm still trying to guess who sent the package when all I had to do was open it to find out. I think the heat melted some brain cells.

So, I opened the box. I stood for about a good 10 minutes taking all of this in (mouth wide open) with great surprise and sentiment (finally closed my mouth; now emotional and tears of joy)!

Look what I received!

It is a portrait of me doing what I LOVE...with my company name! Created and handpainted by my Godmother! Is that not THE BEST gift to receive? I'm still in awe!

The photo does not do it justice at all! The colors are so crisp and vibrant and the work is amazing!

You think this painting is great?...Please go by and look at her website WetPaintbrush, of all of her creative paintings with personality+!

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usanamaritza said...

Hi Stacy! This art work is beautiful. Love it!!!