Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Buttons, Buttons, and more Buttons!

I have a lot of 'maintenance' work to do this week, in addition to my normal day-to-day projects. I need to update my website and shops; update logo and banner; and, the organization of supplies and items.

Today, I chose to go through my button stash and organize by color. All of my buttons were kept in a colorful plastic tool box. I bought mason jars from a local thrift store a while ago. Good find and buy! The manager gave me a box of 12 (various sizes) for $5.00!

It was actually fun going through the stash! I found vintage buttons that were attached to pretty cards.

And, after a year and a half of procrastination...I finally can look through my button stash with ease and find the right one for a project!


Monday, May 18, 2009

'Summer Vintage Pick' Completed Dress

I finally completed the dress!

I had an exciting week! Mom flew in for a visit and then my oldest daughter came in for a visit. So, working on projects was not on the agenda. I just wanted to enjoy Mom and daughter!

The pretty flower was made using a heavy tulle-like fabric. I twisted the fabric as I wrapped in a circular motion, stitching as I went along. Added a button in the center and a pin backing.

Now, on to the next project....


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Maritza Is Cooking in My Kitchen

During the time of the "Big Chop" of my hair, I believe that I'm going through another metamorphosis of my life. Not only my hair, but other aspects in my life. My husband and I vowed healthy eating and living for our family. He would love to come off of insulin! And, I've been hospitalized twice for some heart 'mishaps'. According to my doc, I am clinically obese (WOW) and I need to lose 90 lbs to be at my healthy weight. How did this happen?

I was always an active person. I would ride a bike anywhere and was able to maintain my small figure until about 5 years ago (I'm 45 years old, now). A lot of my weight gain came from 1. stress; 2. bad eating habits; 3. complacency. I would go to work, come home tired emotionally and physically (on the way home grabbing fast food), shower the kids and myself, then bed! Exercise?...who has time? I didn't!

I have a whom I like to mention that always encourages and checks on me! My friend Maritza. When I decided to live healthy, Maritza and I had a long conversation on healthy eating (not dieting, as she says and will correct you when you say the 'd' word), vitamins and 'keeping your body moving'! (Maritza) "I know you work from home, but you can move your body while you work, let me tell you how..." She listens to you and tries to help you with your goals. She believes in helping you look good inside and out!

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Through determination and support, we will be able to form a good habit of healthy living! Please go to Martiza's blog to see "What She's Cooked Up"! She says, 'Healthy Eating is NOT Boring'! And, believe me she has a million ways for you to cook something healthy. Whether she suggest taking out a fattening ingredient and replacing with a healthy ingredient, or she will simply try different versions and share.

Thank you, Maritza for your continued support!

Art With Personality Plus!

On Friday morn, UPS delivered a package to my home. He said, it was from my hometown. "Hmmm...who's this from? Maybe my in-laws sent a mother's day gift? Or, maybe my husband ordered something I hinted?" Well, I couldn't open it straight away...I had errands to run. I placed the package on my cutting table and out the door in a flash I went.

After a couple of hours I return home 'pooped' from running around (what seemed like all over the town) and from the heat (85 degrees or close by 11 a.m. and air conditioning went out in SUV). I don't know why, but I'm still trying to guess who sent the package when all I had to do was open it to find out. I think the heat melted some brain cells.

So, I opened the box. I stood for about a good 10 minutes taking all of this in (mouth wide open) with great surprise and sentiment (finally closed my mouth; now emotional and tears of joy)!

Look what I received!

It is a portrait of me doing what I LOVE...with my company name! Created and handpainted by my Godmother! Is that not THE BEST gift to receive? I'm still in awe!

The photo does not do it justice at all! The colors are so crisp and vibrant and the work is amazing!

You think this painting is great?...Please go by and look at her website WetPaintbrush, of all of her creative paintings with personality+!

Vintage Summer Fabric/Pattern Pick (Part II)

Well, being a busy wife and mom I was not able to start this task until Wednesday. All of this past week was Teacher Appreciation Week and the children presented different gifts to the teachers each day of the week. It was fun!

Looking back on my last blog, I posted a pic of the pattern I would use for this project (Simplicity #3340). The pattern is Junior size 11 and bust 31.5 inches. I am neither a Junior size and my bust size is beyond 31 inches.

First, I made pattern drawings (including darts) of the front and back pieces on "Like Me" body form.

I then draped muslin on the body form to transfer the marking of the pattern pieces.

I cut from the muslin both front and back pieces. Then sewed (baste-stitched) darts and the muslin pieces together to fit the bodice. I tried it on to see how it would fit on me.

And, it fit beautifully! I then pulled all of the baste stitching out and made a few minor adjustments to the muslin pieces to fit. I have cut out on the green fabric and completed the bodice.

Stay tuned for the skirt pieces...


Friday, May 1, 2009

Vintage Summer Fabric/Pattern Pick

Hi all!

As anyone knows me, knows I love vintage! My favorite show to watch on Fridays is Ghost Whisperer. Jennifer Love-Hewitt's character 'Melinda Gordon', I think is my alter-ego.

About 10 years ago, while living in Chicago, I told my husband I would love to buy an old Fire Station, or I would settle on a storefront with an apartment on second floor in the Wicker Park Area. I would have my shop/studio on street level and we would live above. If anyone knows Wicker Park, knows that it would have been a perfect place. It's a neighborhood where all creative-minded people live and there are many tremendous boutiques, shops, galleries, and eating joints.

Anyway, "Melinda's" wardrobe is to die for! The wardrobe choices they pick for her character can fit almost any size woman. I believe that 95%, if not all, of her clothing on the show is vintage and/or vintage inspired. It's definite, I get inspired almost every Friday night!

I purchased the above pattern (Simplicity #3340, circa 1960s) for .25 cents. I really like the polka-dot dress in the middle; the fitted bodice and full skirt. I will sew the dress using the green fabric and will use the pink mesh-like fabric to make a big beautiful fabric rose to pin on the front of the dress.

My color choice was inspired by a photo I took while sitting at the pool with my family. The trees' leaves are that particular color green. The hot pink represent the flowers that bloomed on the tree. The two colors looked lovely together!

Can't wait to get started...But, not before I watch Ghost Whisperer!

Happy Sewing!