Sunday, April 12, 2009

The BIG CHOP! (My Metamorphosis)

I did the BIG CHOP! Cut all of my hair down to an inch in February. I've decided to have a healthy head of hair and needed to cut all of the chemicals out. I am going 'au naturel'.

Also, my husband and I decided to live and eat healthy. We've changed our eating habits and try to exercise more frequently. With my new hair, this makes life so much easier and me more willing to workout. The summers here in Florida are brutal! And, the heat kills your hair, especially if you have some kind of chemical treatment (i.e., perms, relaxers, color, etc.).

Usually men (my husband, included) have a fit when you cut your hair really short (I've only done this once before). He loved it!...

I love it! I feel FREE!


Sherry Goodloe said...

I LOVE it! You are going to be sooooo happy in those hot, brutal summers!

I remember the first time I cut my hair off down to where you could almost see my SCALP! When I went to work the following week, everyone was shocked. They couldn't believe I went from hair down to the middle of my back to such a drastic cut. Hey, it's only hair - and it's MINE! LOL

I'm glad your husband loves it TOO!

Catwalk Creative said...

You're looking great Stacy! I wish I could say our summers were brutal too but hey ho! It's very liberating getting your hair cut short. Well done! oxoxo