Monday, March 30, 2009

Interview By a Great Vintage Shop

When I create, I am happy and enjoy the items. It's awesome when someone else enjoys your items, too. My passion is vintage.

Well I had an opportunity to meet a phenomenal business woman with an awesome vintage shop! You REALLY need to take a visit and see her beautiful vintage clothing and items and while you're there read the interview. Just click on the title link...and, check out the goodies! You'll be truly amazed!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One of My Favorite Places...and, not only for the obvious!

My favorite kind of shopping is fabric shopping. All the colors and textures of fabrics; all kinds of ideas and creations running through my mind. It's euphoric for me!

I visit thrift stores, garage/estate sales, and the small local fabric shops for my fabrics. If I need a 'specialty' fabric for a specific project or client, or just to see what's new, I visit my local JoAnn Fabrics in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

I LOVE this neighborhood JoAnn store! Not only for the many things I can rummage through and that 'euphoric' thing...but, most importantly, the customer service.

There is a particular employee at the store who always has a smile and is always helpful and courteous! And, by the time you leave her line (even if you're not feeling 'happy'), you will leave with a smile on your face!

This blog is in appreciation to you my friend (don't know your name, sorry) for being the person you are AND working at one of my favorite places!

Thank you!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SEWed UP...Smock Tutorial

Well, it's been rather warm here in Florida and I needed to make quick smocks for my daughter. I got cotton fabrics from my stash and pillowcases. They turned out rather well! This is my first tutorial and I hope you like it!


Materials needed:
1/4 yard fabric (bodice front and back; and bodice facing). I used fabrics from my stash.
1/2 yard fabric (skirt/dress front and back). I used a pillowcase for one of the dresses.
scrap fabric for straps

Bodice and facing: across top of bust underarm-to-underarm; add 5/8" for seam allowance. Also, top of bust to under the bust.
Skirt/dress: under bust underarm-to-underarm; add 5/8" for seam allowance. That measurement mutliply by 2 (for gathering).

(The pattern above is the bodice front and back; and facing front and back. The fold line is the centerfront.)

Cutting: bodice = cut 4 on fold (2 for bodice and 2 for facing); skirt/dress = cut 2; straps = cut 2 @ 3" wide (I made my 13" in length).


Right sides together, fold strap lengthwise and stitch the length. Turn strap right side out; press with stitching in center of strap. Turn in one of the short end about 1/8" and press; stitch close. Leave other end open. Repeat steps for other strap.

Bodice: with right sides together (front and back), stitch side seams; press seams open. Repeat for facing.
On right side of bodice back, measure in 1/2" from sides and pin strap raw edge to raw edge of bodice (with center seam facing up) and machine baste. Repeat on other side of bodice with other strap.

Right sides together of bodice and facing, stitch all around the top and underarm leaving the bottom of bodice open. Clip corners; turn right side out and press. Baste bottom of bodice close.

Skirt/dress: with right sides together, sew side seams and press open. Make a basting stitch around width of skirt and another basting stitch about a 1/2" below the first.

Right sides together of bodice and skirt; pin side seams together, then pull thread to gather to fit rest of bodice. Stitch bodice to skirt. Cut excess fabric; press seam towards bodice. Turn smock right side out. Stitch hem.

To fasten straps to front of bodice, you can use buttons with buttonholes; loops to tie straps; or whatever your desire!

And, you're done! These are also great for the pool area and beach.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Banner Design

So, I wanted a new banner and logo. Very pleased with the previous banner, but wanted something more 'artsy'. So I summoned this great guy to re-design a banner and logo for me that showed his true talents. He sketched-out this banner and digitized it. I love it! By the way, he's my husband.

Check out his artwork by clicking on the title of this will be truly amazed!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SEWed UP...apron coveralls!

Here's a sneak peek of the 1940s vintage-inspired apron coveralls that I've been working on lately. I think they are so cute and made one for myself! They will be available soon on my Etsy shop.

What do you think?