Wednesday, January 21, 2009

SEWed Up!...rice bag/ergonomic arm rest

Last week, I suffered with carpel tunnel pain which disabled me from sewing! I was not a happy girl. Two days earlier, I had cut all the fabric to make rice bags (including one for myself). The only bag completed at that time, was my own. Rice bags are such a good thing! You can use them for hot/cold use on joints, swelling and bruising. Just pop them in the microwave or freezer and place on your 'boo-boo'.

Well, I couldn't complete the bags with the pain, but I needed to get on the computer to do some work. Took the one bag I made for myself, popped in the microwave and set it in front of my keyboard to use as an arm rest/pad. The heat helped so much! So, my rice bag sits in front of my keyboard ALL of the time.

So, now that my arm is all better and I can sew - which makes me a HAPPY girl! I am completing the remaining rice bags for my shop.

How's your wrist/arm feeling? Need a rice bag?


IM31studios said...

Awesome work... Can I order 2?

usanamaritza said...

Those work great! I made mine almost 10 years ago and everyone that comes home wants one. So... I give them as gifts on specials dates. The only thing I use plastic pellets, just in case of bugs in the rice. I also make a mini one for the mouse.

Lovely, everybody should have one of those.