Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SEWed Up!...more slippers for baby girl

Slippers for my 'baby girl', who will be six years old tomorrow! Happy Birthday!

I have been promising her that I would make her new slippers. I used blue jeans, scrap fabric for the lining, batting, and non-slip grip for the outer soles.

I traced her foot right onto the jeans and cut out the soles in denim, non-slip grip and batting. I then cut out the slipper top in denim and the lining fabric.

Right sides together, I sewed the heels of each slipper top piece. Opened the seams and pressed. With right sides together of slipper top (denim and lining fabric), I sewed the inside top. Turned fabric right sides out and pressed.

Added a 3" piece of 3/4" elastic, at the back between the lining and denim. Stretching and sewing 2" past the center seam on both sides. This is so that the slipper will not fall off of the heel. Basted the bottom of the slipper top closed. Made another basting stitch around the toe area for gathering. I sewed a nice trim on the outside.

I sandwiched the slipper soles (non-slip grip on wrong side, batting, denim right side up). Sew through all thickness. Put right side of slipper top to wrong side of sole sandwich (which is the non-slip grip side). Sew through all thickness. Turn right side out. You're done!

She loves them!

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