Saturday, January 24, 2009

SEWed Up!...Grocery Tote w/matching Mini Carryall

I love this bag! It was made from sheets!

While thrifting with my husband, I found this colorful and fun sheet and made my grocery tote. I added a mini carryall for change, I.D. and lip gloss. I make the mini carryalls because I do not want to carry a purse and my bags. I particularly like this style of tote because of it's wide handle/strap - it's 3" wide. It's a good size bag and measures 20"w x 20"l and the mini carryall measures 13"w x 5"l.

I really try to remember and carry my bags to the grocery store. The totes I've made from canvas are kept in my car so that I will not forget. My prettier ones stay in the house for mall or other shopping.

This week, what will you carry?

Happy Weekend!