Monday, January 12, 2009

SEWed Up!...and Knitting

Been working on this knitting project - a sweater. It's my first time using DPNs (double pointed needles). I think I've taken the armhole section apart 4x. It's my first sweater. It's been a challenge and I am determined to complete this project! It will have a button closure front, short-sleeved and I will be using a 'fuzzy' yarn in a lighter green for the edging on the bottom, around the sleeves and neckline. It should be 'fabulous' when I complete!

I work on this sweater, when things become a little stressful in my daily life. Knitting is my creative therapy. I can clear my head and work through things. I just sit, talk with God and knit!

I'll keep you posted on how it comes together!

1 comment:

usanamaritza said...

Awesome! I like that color. You are very talented. God Bless you!

I am looking forward to meet you :)